Daily Question – 14

Today’s question comes to you from Samanth Subramanian, South India’s answer to Salman Khan.

Who are they? What connects them?


In the words of Dr. Gregory House M.D., “I finally have a case of Lupus.” Seal, Michael Jackson, Louisa May Alcott and Ferdinand Marcos all suffered from the condition Lupus, which is often discussed during the episodes of the popular TV series ‘House’. Watch this:


TKB, CR, bobo, shabhar, ganesh, zizzyphus, vijaysarathy, BoFi, Ram Kumar, and Chris Pearson diagnosed their patients correctly. The rest of you will soon lose your licenses.

13 thoughts on “Daily Question – 14

  1. Seal, Michael Jackson, Louisa May Alcott, Ferdinand Marcos.

    This question has me stumped.
    I was going to say lupus, but IT’S NEVER LUPUS!

  2. First two are Seal and Michael Jackson. And from the “looks” of it, it seems the connection should be some disease which caused them to have such horrific facial features (scars, something which is supposed to be a nose). But yeah, they did manage to have some very good looking wives.

    No idea on the second two.

  3. Aah…all that House finally pays off 😀

    Working on the Seal has strange facial scars due to Lupus hunch, we discover (via beloved wiki) that it also affected MJ, Ferdinand Marcos and Louisa May Alcott.

    Tis interesting that Samanth has in the space of two questions explored tatooing and facial lesions due to autoimmune diseases. One gets goosebumps at the thought of his next dermatological conundrum…

  4. Connect is SLE or Lupus.
    Seal British musician,Michael Jackson,Louisa May Alcott and Ferdinand Marcos

  5. All were Lupus sufferers.
    Seal,MJ,Louisa May Alcott and Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos.

  6. discoid lupus, I am going to say.

    And also demand that Samanth (whom I have been told is currently on an undercover mission inflitrating the North) post topless pictures to gauge truly whether he is South India’s answer to Salman Khan.

  7. It’s never Lupus!!! SEAL, MJ, Louisa May Alcott and Ferdinand Marcos all suffer(ed) from various forms of Lupus.

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