QFI Online Quiz Instructions

Late for the event? Didn’t register? Can’t login? Go catch it on YouTube while it’s live on the QFI YouTube channel.

Leaderboard for the Bollywood quiz

Thanks for signing up to participate in a QFI online quiz. The quiz will be live streamed on Zoom and when possible, simultaneously on YouTube. You will need to have registered beforehand to participate in the Zoom event, and you would need the email you would have received post registration with the Zoom call details to join the call. For Paytm Insider events, please go through the instructions at https://insider.in/how-to-join-a-zoom-event

Answering Instructions

Participants can submit answers to the questions through the Telegram app on your mobile or through a Google form on a web browser. The Telegram app is the fastest method, takes a minute to download and set it up one time, and you can use it for future QFI online quizzes also.

For every question, points will be awarded to the first 10 participants who send in the full correct answers. Please send your answer in one go, do not write it in multiple messages or submissions. Wait and understand what the QM is asking for and attempt the entire question, including all parts in one message/form submission.

Submitting Answers through the Telegram App

If you have the Telegram app installed on your mobile phone, search for and find the user quizfoundationbot.

Once you have found the user, click on the username. Then follow the instructions in the image below.

Submitting Answers on the Google Form

Participants can also submit the answers to every question using a Google Form. The form can be accessed from https://forms.gle/M13Fiw6YYh9TWUJ9A

or from


The participant has to fill in their email address (use the same email address every time you answer, to serve as your unique id for scoring pupose) and their name or nick name, every  time to submit an answer through the Google Form.

To save time, after submitting one response, click submit another response and fill name and email and be ready for next question.

See the image below for an example of submitting an answer using the Google Form.