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220: “The Fog of War”, a phrase coined by the famous Prussian military theorist, historian and soldier Clausewitz. It refers to the the level of ambiguity in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.The term seeks to capture the uncertainty regarding own capability, adversary capability and adversary intent during an engagement, operation or campaign. It is also the title of an Oscar winning (Best Documentary feature 2003)  documentary about the life of Robert  Mcnamara (former blue eyed boy of the World Bank, General Motors) and  US Defense Secretary between 1961 to 1968. In particular it deals with McNamara’s appointment as Defense Secretary (despite having limited experience in this field) and he among other things discusses lessons learnt from Vietnam and the mistakes made due to the fog of war (adversary capability etc. )

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  1. All of them dropped part of their birth names to come up with their stage/tv names.

    Ving Rhames – Irving Rhames
    Topher Grace – Christopher Grace
    Tina Fey – Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

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