Quoting one of the correct answers yesterday, “Little Miss Muffet. Supposedly about Mary, Queen of Scots (1) being scared of John Knox (2). Another theory is that Thomas Muffett (entomologist and expander of the Theater of Insects in 3) wrote it for his daughters.”

A note from Gopal Kidao about Sunday’s QFI meeting:

“The Quiz will be conducted by Anil & Arun Ramanathan who have done some wonderful quizzes for us in the past.  Arun will be conducting his annual India quiz at this meeting while Anil will be asking questions from the quiz conducted by him recently at K-Circle,Hyderabad. Be there in large numbers to enjoy these quizzes.

Date – 23rd November, 2008

Venue – PS Senior Secondary school, # 33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore,Chennai 600004

Time – 10 AM”

What popular fable connects?

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  1. Tartini, Robert Johnson ,Paganini : junta who made a pact with the devil …. while I was away in Coimbatore.

  2. 1.Giuseppe Tartini,violinist
    2.Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson
    3.Niccolo Paganini,violinist
    Legend of ‘selling the soul to the Devil’ to achieve musical greatness.

  3. tartini, robert thomson and paganini all rumoured to have acquired their skills through a pact with devil.

  4. All of them supposedly sold their souls to the devil.

    1. Giuseppe Tartini
    2. Robert Johnson
    3. Niccolo Paganini

  5. O Paganini! Paganini O!
    You are fiddler’s own Houdini

    My guess would be: Marfan Syndrome, and thus ability to play impossible notes

    – Apurva

  6. Tartini
    Robert Johnson

    Legend has it that they sold their soul to the devil in exchange for becoming great musicians / rich & famous

    All of them also composed one piece which came out as a result of this deal…

    Tartini’s devil’s trill sonata
    Robert Johnson’s Crossroad blues ( or something like that)
    Paganini – Witches dance

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