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  1. Ari Gold (Entourage) and Josh Lyman (Westwing) characters are inspired by the Emanuel brothers (Ari and Rahm).
    Great Q.

  2. Oh what a fantastic question. Seriously good shit. The connection is Rahm and Ari Emanuel. The Josh Lyman character in “The West Wing” was based on Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s new chief of staff) and the Ari Gold character in “Entourage” was based on Rahm’s brother Ari Emanuel (the Hollywood agent).

    Great stuff, uncle.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. Josh Lyman of “The West Wing” and Ari Gold of “The Entourage”. The first character was inspired by Rahm Emmanuel, who has been designated as Obama’s Chief of Staff. The second character was inspired by Rahm’s brother Ari Emmanuel, the so-called “Hollywood super agent”.

  4. Josh Lyman in “The West Wing” and Ari Gold in “Entourage”.

    Inspired by brothers Rahm and Ari Emanuel respectively. Rahm is Obama’s White House chief of staff in waiting while Ari is a periya aalu in the Hollywood star agents line.

  5. The character of Josh Lyman ( The West Wing ) was supposedly based on Rahm Emanuel.His brother Ari Emanuel is the inspiration for character Ari Gold (Entourage) .

    pinaki sarkar

  6. Nice one!

    1st pic : Josh Lyman, President Bartlett’s Chief of Staff at the West Wing, played by Bradley Whitford

    2nd pic: Ari Gold, the character played by Jeremy Piven in the HBO series, Entourage.

    The connection: The real people, that the two fictional characters are based on, are brothers Rahm Emanuel and Ari Emanuel respectively. Rahm Emanuel has been chosen to become President elect Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff.

    Barack Obama himself was the inspiration for President Elect Matt Santos in the West Wing. And incidentally, in the West Wing, President Elect Matt Santos chooses Josh Lyman as his Chief of Staff 🙂

  7. Rahm Emanuel who is run the Obama White House is the basis for Bradley Whitford’s character on The West Wing (Josh Lyman); He is also the brother of Ari Emanuel, the real-life Hollywood agent that the Ari Gold character (played by Jermey Piven) is modeled after on Entourage.

  8. 1-Josh Lyman
    2-Ari Gold

    Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s chief of staff.His brother Ari Emanuel is the real-life Hollywood agent that Marky Mark modeled Ari Gold after on ‘Entourage’.

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