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  1. the connection is “Fear of English-Speakers”

    marcel bich decided to call his pen bic rather than bich to stop people from pronouncing it the same way as bitch

    pacman was actually puck-man, but the japs thought that people would erase teh middle of the p and make it “fuck-man” instead.

  2. BicH pens were renamed as BiC pens to avoid mispronunciation as Bitch. Puck Man was renamed as Pac Man to avoid it becoming Fuck Man.

  3. Both were renamed to avoid potential corruption by vandals –
    Bic pens should have been BICH after marcel Bich, but the ‘h’ was dropped for the above reason.
    Pac man was initially supposed to be ‘Puck man’ (From Japanese), and the temptation to replace ‘P’ with ‘F’ would be too great to resist for any self respecting vandal.

  4. Bich Pens were renamed as Bic so the americans wont mispronounce as ‘bitch’.
    Pac-man was originally called Puck man but for the american market it was changed so they wont call it as Fuck man.

  5. Um…this might be a bit of a stretch, but here goes:

    -Pacman, originally called ‘Puck Man’ was renamed for release in the US to avoid similarity with the F word, since vandals could easily replace the ‘p’ with an ‘f’ and snigger to themselves.

    -Societe Bic, founded by Marcel Bich, dropped the ‘h’ from his name to avoid similarity with ‘bitch’

  6. pacman was initially named puck-man, but the name was changed as it could have been corrupted to cause offense.
    the founder of bic pens was named Bich. he named his product bic and not bich as they might have been pronounced bitch.

  7. American names were changed due to fears around expletives.

    Puck-man became Pac-man because the makers though “puck” would be vandalised to “fuck”.

    Bic pens were made by Michel Bich, who dropped the ‘H’ because he thought Americans would pronounce it “bitch”.

  8. cases where brand name undergoes a change when it enters the American market.

    Puck Man was changed to PacMan to avoid people replacing P with F.

    Bich Pen was renamed Bic Pen to avoid people pronouncing it with a ‘t’ in between.

  9. Connection – to avoid swear word

    Marcel Bich introduced his own ballpoint with a thick, paste-like ink and named it the Bic. The ‘h’ from Bich was dropped in order to avoid the English pronunciation (bitch).

    For the North American market, the name was changed from Puck Man to Pac-Man, as it was thought that vandals would be likely to change the P in Puck to an F, forming a common swearword

  10. Names changed due to fear of being pronounced like expletives/profanities.

    Bich -> sounded like Bitch -> hence changed to Bic
    Puck Man -> sounded like *uck Man -> hence changed to Pac-Man.

  11. Tch tch. On a quiz blog commonly visited by children and Thomas Masun you put these abishtu things.

    Bic ballpens were created by a Mr. Bich, who was scared the Americans would confuse it for a female dog, so he dropped the h and made the brand Bic (which is sort of how Bich is actually supposed to be pronounced).

    Similarly, Puck-man became Pacman because some Japanese dude was scared someone would replace the P with an F and have some gajabuja fun.

  12. Bic and Pacman were called so in English ‘cos their creators thought English speakers would profanify the original names (Bich and Pucman)

  13. Changed from Bich to Bic (since sounded like Bitch)
    Changed from Puck-man to pacman (fearing the P would be replaced by “F”)

  14. bic was made by a certain mr.bich.he dropped the ‘h’ to prevent mis-pronunciation as ‘bitch’.

    pac-man was called puck-man in Japan. But for release in the american markets, puck became pac in case some johnnybegood shares a good laugh with people around, citing it’s similarity with ‘fuck’.

    Hence connect: change-o-name due to allusion to expletives.

  15. Bic was renamed from Bich in french to avoid confusion with B****, which pacman was renamed from Pucman to avoid sounding similar to F***.

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