Daily Question – 39


‘The Thirty-nine Steps’ is an adventure novel by the Scottish author John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, who is the person in Visual 1. The novel formed the basis for a number of film adaptations, notably Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 adaptation ‘The 39 Steps’, a still from which forms Visual 2.

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  1. John Buchan, who wrote the novel on which Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps was an adaptation of.

  2. Dear Uncle:

    Beaten by a hair’s breadth!! Why, oh why, cannot I be Chennai Super King for life?! Woe is me! I am beside myself with grief!

    At the top is John Buchan, in all his regalia as Governor General of Canada. He also wrote “The Thirty Nine Steps,” upon which Alfred Hitchcock based his movie of the same name. The second still is from the movie.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. The 39 Steps

    Robert Donat and the chick
    John Buchan, who wrote the novel on which the movie is based.


  4. Visula 1- John Buchan wrote the novel The Thirty-nine Steps

    Visual 2-Still from that movie. The 39 Steps is a 1935 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on the adventure by John Buchan.

  5. the first photo the guy is dressed like mountbatten but looks like noel coward. that makes me think of in which we serve – a movie that was based on mountbatten’s exploits in the war. the second photo no idea!

  6. John Buchan Baron Tweesmuir and the film 39 steps author is John buchan and it is the connect

  7. John Buchan Baron Tweedsmuir and the film 39 steps author is John buchan and it is the connect

  8. John Buchan author of the 39 steps from which Hitchcock’s movie is made and the Baron Tweedsmuir known as John Buchan which is the connect.

  9. governor general john buchan … hitchcock’s 39 steps (based on the john buchan book)


  10. 39 steps is the connect.. the second visual is a still from the movie, and the first visual is a guy who wrote the novel.. wiki tells me john tweedsmuir was his name..

  11. The first visual is John Buchan, the author of 39 steps. The second one is from the movie directed by Hitchcock based on the book.

  12. “the 39 steps” – the first pic is of john buchan who wrote the book and the second one is a scene from the hitchcock adaptation

  13. The connection is The 39 Steps.

    1. The Guy in the first picture is John Buchan who wrote the book The 39 Steps.

    2. The second picture is that from the movie The 39 steps directed by Hitchcock.

  14. This question brings back a story i know in the life of young Thomas. He had gone for the Young World quiz in Trivandrum but was not allowed to participate as he was in 4th standard and they allowed kids from 8th std only to participate.
    There was an audience question framed by the quizmaster, Mr. V.V. Ramanan who does a great job as quizmaster. The question was ” How many steps to climb to the sanctum of the sabaraimalai temple?”. now Thomas was so excited that he jumped up and without pausing answered “39 steps with banian”. “Wrong answer” said Ramanan peering closely at Thomas’ face with a puzzled look.
    It turns out that the book he was reading on the bus trip from Kochi to Trivandrum was the 39 steps by John Bunyan and this had subliminally affected his answer.

  15. This morning, there was a power cut in my office. As I climbed upstairs, I counted every step that I had to climb. There were 39 of them. And I was alone. Not handcuffed to some pretty lady.

    Imagine my frustration when I logon to this blog and find this question of John Buchan and a still from The 39 Steps.

    That time, I wished that every step that I stood on was you. Andha step nee ya irukannum than nenachen. Step Nee ya irukannum than nenachen.. Step Nee.

  16. oopss..in all my excitement to relate Thoma’s story I typed in the incoorect name of the authour.
    The person on the top is John Buchan and not banyan as Thomas had guessed. he wrote the 39steps which was made into a movie by hitch.

  17. 39 steps
    First pic is that of john buchan who wrote the story
    second pic is from the hitchkok film version

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