Results of GrandMaster 2017

Last Saturday, we convened to take part in GrandMaster 2017, also known as that annual event which JK wins and conducts in alternate years. This year, he played QM. Kiran Vijaykumar (KVK) was crowned GrandMaster after he finished just ahead of Rajagopal PS (Raju). Here’s a quick recap of proceedings:

Top 16 (after the prelims):
Swami (12.5)
Gopal Kidao (10)
Rohit Suresh (10)
Sudharshan Karthik (Susa) (10)
Siddhanth Rao (9.5)
Manu Sudhakar (9)
Ramesh Natarajan (8.5)
KVK (8)
Ramana (8)
P Srikant (8)
Deviprasad (DP) (7.5)
Mario (7.5)
Nirmal (7.5)
Raju (7.5)
Venkatesh (Matti) (7.5)
Shriram (CEG) (7)

The top 8 made it to the finals which ended thus:
KVK (150) – 1st
Raju (135) – 2nd
Rohit Suresh (125) – 3rd
Swami (107.5)
Shriram (105)
Siddhanth (97.5)
Sudharshan (90)
Ramesh (82.5)

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all the participants. Hope to see you all in 2018!

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