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  1. General lack of hygiene and cleanliness – behavioural disorder known as Diogenes’/Havisham’s/Plyushkin’s syndrome.

  2. Diogenes – lived in a tub
    Miss Havisham – Lived in a rundown place and hoarded rubbish
    Plyushkin – Collected anything and everything

    Diogenes Syndrome would connect all of them

  3. gotta see my doctor..
    these are medical conditions where people don’t take care of themselves live in squalor etc.

  4. -Diogenes Syndrome (After diogenes the philosopher who lived in a barrel)
    -Miss Havisham Syndrome (After a character from ‘Great Expectations’)
    -Plyushkin syndrome (after a character in Gogol’s Dead souls)

    All these denote a condition/behavioral disorder which is accompanied by gross self-neglect, untidiness and lack of self-consciousness

  5. Senile squalor syndrome – Also known as Diogenes’ syndrome (after the philosopher Diogene), Havisham’s syndrome (after Miss Havisham in Great Expectations) and Plyushkin’s syndrome (after Plyushkin in Dead Souls).

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