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  1. The Zodiac Killer’s unsolved coded letter supposedly stating his name and Zachary Quinto as Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Quinto also plays the serial killer Sylar in Heroes. Sylar took his name from a watch brand; apparently there’s a similar theory out for the Zodiac.

  2. The connect is Sylar from Heroes.

    The first pic is a letter from the Zodiac killer. One of the Zodiac killer suspects supposedly had a Zodaic brand watch with the crossed circle logo which the killer used to sign his letters.

    Zachary Quinto (pic 2) plays Sylar who is a serial killer who takes his name from a watch brand.

  3. First pic is the infamous Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher.Zodiac killer uses the logo of Zodiac watches and assumed that name of the watchmaker.
    Second pic is of Zach Quinto in the Nimoy’s costume for the star trek.He is most famous for his villainous portrayal of Sylar in Heroes.He also took his name from the Sylar brand of watch.

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