QF1 Answer Form Link (Click here)

Note about the Zoom events on Paytm Insider: The quiz will be live streamed on Zoom and also streamed on the QFI YouTube channel. You will need to have registered beforehand to participate in the Zoom event, and you would need the email you would have received post registration with the Zoom call details to join the call. For more detail on Paytm Insider events, please go through the instructions at https://insider.in/how-to-join-a-zoom-event

Please check your promotions, spam and updates email folders for the Paytm Insider email which will have the link to join the Zoom event. 

Instructions for online QF1: 

  1. The quiz consists of 20 questions to be attempted by individual participants. 
  2. The QM will run the quiz as a continuous 20 question set with the answers being discussed and revealed after some thinking time for each question. The participants watch the Zoom call/YouTube stream and attempt the quiz by entering their guesses through  Google Forms. The links to this form will be shared at the start of the quiz. 
  3. The participants are requested to provide a valid email address in the form. The email will not be made public and will only be used by Google forms to send you scores, stats and updates. 
  4. You are encouraged to enter the answers to the questions in the fields provided in the form. This is not mandatory; you can also keep a piece of paper on the side and write your answers there if you prefer that. 
  5. For each question, you will need to mark yourself whether you got the answer right or wrong. We trust you to be fair here. Don’t give yourself points for part answers or incomplete ones. The overall statistics calculated based on all participants’ submissions will be completely anonymized. Nobody, except you, can ever know what score you got. So, be honest and don’t worry. We are all doing this only for fun and learning. 
  6. People participating in the Zoom call can also ask QM for clarifications live through Zoom chat, QM will give suitable clues to relevant questions. Participants can also attempt to answer the questions on the pass when the answers are discussed by clicking the “Raise Hand” button on zoom. The QM will enable your audio and receive your answer. You don’t get any additional points for this, this is just for fun. 
  7. After the quiz is over, don’t forget to press the submit button and record your score. You can immediately see your current standing and cumulative performance of all participants in the link shown on your submission page.  You can also attempt the quiz and submit your score anytime before the next QF1 quiz is run. 

QF1 Leaderboard for the current quiz. (This will keep changing as people submit scores. It is also anonymized.)