QFI Meetings

Pandemic Update:

Our meetings and quizzes have moved online for the time being. We hold the occasional online quiz on weekends  these days. To participate/watch these quizzes, please sign up using this form:


Teams for those participating in our weekly quizzes are formed at random. Please sign up using the form above and we will send you links to watch the quizzes. There will be special quizzes each month thrown open to all to participate as well.

The QFI meets every fortnight on Sunday at 10 AM inside the campus of P.S Senior Secondary School in Mylapore. Teams are formed at random; you can land up without a team. There are no registrations needed. Just show up!

If you want to receive updates on our meetings and quizzes, please join our Whatsapp group. Please note that this group is exclusively for meeting and quiz announcements and no questions or quizzes are posted here. You can expect 2-5 messages per week at the most and most of the time, less than that. Sign up here: http://whatsapp.quizfoundation.com

Why is this the ideal way to receive meeting notifications? Facebook limits the posts posted by pages in follower’s timelines and Twitter might be difficult to follow. Email and Whatsapp are good ways of keeping track of meeting notifications and announcements.

Quiz notifications will also be put out on this website, on our Facebook and Twitter pages and on our Google Group, which is open to all.