Statement from QFI Management Committee

Dear members,

About 3 weeks ago, the QFI Management Committee was made aware that a member may have used unfair methods in an online non-QFI quiz.

We have spoken at length with the member and the event organizer to understand what happened, and also discussed it in detail internally. After this, we have concluded that:

  1. The actions were not consistent with the spirit of the sport.
  2. There is sincere regret and remorse on the part of the member.
  3. The member and the event organizer have also spoken with each other, amends have been made and the issue is resolved from that perspective.
  4. The member has offered to step away from QFI activities and the committee has accepted and decided that this be done till the end of this year.

We are satisfied that this is an unfortunate, momentary error of judgement in an otherwise unblemished record of participation in quizzes and stellar contributions in organizing and conducting QFI events. In light of the above steps, we regard this regrettable incident as closed.

While online quizzing brings new limitations and challenges in conducting events that are fair while continuing to be enriching and entertaining, QFI does not condone the use of any methods to work around the structure of any event (online or real life) to gain unfair advantage over other participants.

QFI will do whatever is feasible to maintain a safe space and level playing field at QFI events and we request our members to help each other and their friends enjoy the sport at QFI and elsewhere in a spirit of healthy competition.

QFI Management Committee