QF-III Unseeded Open Update


After dusting the files and photographs from 2015 and combing through them extensively, we finally have the list of 52 people who are barred from competing in the US Open. These 52 qualified for one or more of the five General Quizzes which we conducted last year as a part of QFIve and QFIesta. The college teams which qualified and split up to join the teams for a couple of quizzes are exempt from this rule. However, the college teams which qualified in the Open category aren’t.
It would be great to have these B-52s around during the US Open as audience to encourage and cheer the participants. Do ensure that you haven’t formed a team with anyone from this list!
1. Aadisht Khanna
2. Aditya Gadre
3. Alagarsamy
4. Anand Aiyer
5. Anannya Deb
6. Aniket Khasgiwale
7. Anil Kumar K
8. Anil Raghavan
9. Arun Hiregange
10. Ashwin Kumar
11. Aswath Venkataraman
12. Balaji TK
13. Balakrishnan S
14. Chandrakant Nair
15. Deviprasad V
16. Gopal Kidao
17. Hrishikesh Varma
18. Jayadev Bhaskaran
19. Jayakanthan R
20. Keshav Venkatadri
21. Kiran Vijayakumar
22. Krishnamurthi J
23. Krishnamurti Ganesh
24. Manu Sudhakar
25. Meghashyam Shirodkar
26. Mitesh Agarwal
27. Mrs. Saranya Jayakumar
28. Navin Rajaram
29. Praveen VR
30. Rajagopal S
31. Rajiv Rai
32. Ramkey V
33. Ravi Mundoli
34. Rithwik
35. Samanth Subramanian
36. Sankhya
37. Siddharth Pai
38. Sivakumar VV
39. Sreeram B
40. Srinath Bashyam
41. Sumant Srivathsan
42. Suraj Menon
43. Swaminathan G
44. Thejaswi Udupa
45. Varun Rajiv
46. Venkataraghavan S
47. Venkatesh S
48. Vibhendu Tiwari
49. Vijay Sarathy
50. Vikram Joshi
51. Vinod Ganesh
52. Vinoo Sanjay

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