QFI 555 – I’m proud of you cowboy

Connect this unlikely duo:

Answer: Only kapatchoco gets it right – they were the inspiration for the character / names Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. The cowboy on the left is an actor called Woody Strobe and the gent on the right is Col Buzz Aldrin.
Woody and Buzz

3 thoughts on “QFI 555 – I’m proud of you cowboy

  1. the movie sergeant ruteledge.
    the guy on the left is woody strode.
    the guy on the right is Lt. Tom Cantrell who was played by john ford in the movie.

  2. The gent on the left is Woody Strode of Spartacus fame .I assume his character in John Ford’s Sergeant Rutledge is based on the gent on the right ?

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