415: What would connect the philosopher to these two fictional characters?

414: Agora (place of assembly / marketplace) from which we get Agoraphobia.

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  1. gotta see my doctor..
    these are medical conditions where people don’t take care of themselves live in squalor etc.

  2. -Diogenes Syndrome (After diogenes the philosopher who lived in a barrel)
    -Miss Havisham Syndrome (After a character from ‘Great Expectations’)
    -Plyushkin syndrome (after a character in Gogol’s Dead souls)

    All these denote a condition/behavioral disorder which is accompanied by gross self-neglect, untidiness and lack of self-consciousness

  3. Senile squalor syndrome – Also known as Diogenes’ syndrome (after the philosopher Diogene), Havisham’s syndrome (after Miss Havisham in Great Expectations) and Plyushkin’s syndrome (after Plyushkin in Dead Souls).

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