Daily Question – 52

The title page from the first edition of the most important work belonging to a famous ‘school of thought’. Name the work and the school of thought.

The Zohar, which is the most important work belonging to Kabbalah.

Cracked by 21 of you! In order – ganesh, zizzyphus, Sumo, Thejaswi Udupa, Ashwin, Gaurav, Anomander Rake, TKB, Arjun Rangarajan, Priya, Venkatesh S (Venky), Paulie, Ashwin Prabhu, Mario, Mouli, philip, nishansolo, Rohan, anon-on-narkotix, Rajiv Rai, and Gokul.

23 thoughts on “Daily Question – 52

  1. Ok, da – since that is Hebrew, and since you have put ‘school of thought’ in quotes – I am going to say Kabbalah, and Zohar.

  2. The school of thought is Kabbalah and that is the title page of Zohar, the primary kabbalastic text.

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